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  1. EDDY’S teacher must pay attention to the following matters:
    • Be in time (please arrive at eddys 10 or 5 minutes before the class commences)
    • Be well-dressed and shod (put on your formal or semi formal clothes along with shoes)
  2. Please confirm to EDDY’S staff if you are being unable to teach, no latter than 1 X 24 hours. (strongly recommended: the teacher him/herself should find the teacher who will cover the class)
  3. Eddy’s Teacher is not allowed to teach in any places or institutions which run English course in Jember.
  4. The Teachers, Staff, Students should speak/communicate in English with other Teachers, Students or Staff during the day-to-day activities at EDDY’S English Centre.
  5. Honor cut will be sanctioned to every teacher who is being late for more than 15 minutes at any meetings without any confirmation.



Jember, 11 Agustus 2014

Approved by,                                                            Endorsed by,





Eddy’s English Management                               Deputy Director of Studies


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