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 EDDY’S ENGLISH CENTRE is a large school of English which specializes in English Language Teaching and Training. It now has well over a thousand internal and external students in all its three Centres, two of which are located in Jember, its homebase, while the other one is based in Singaraja Bali with some 200 students joining our high quality standards CORPORATE TRAINING being conducted ON SITE requested for which we design specific type of courses to suit the companies’ exact needs.

There are some 29 (twenty nine) teachers currently involved in regular classroom teaching at EDDY’S.

When it was first founded thirty four years ago (1980), it had only thirteen students which occupied a small, rented family house where the teaching and learning was regularly conducted.

In 1983, it was then moved to a much larger location, a purposely-built school building with a total space of 1000 sqm (square metres)

In 1985, its Singaraja Centre was officially opened, then four years later in 1989 another new Jember Centre was also opened located at 18 jalan Kalimantan which is within walking distance of Jember State University campus which makes up the largest EDDY’S student population among the other two with some 400 students at the Centre.

EDDY’S has slowly but surely successfully gained widespread recognition among schools and university students or graduates, the business world and industry either state or privately run companies, foreign or domestic rely on EDDY’S for its high quality English Language Teaching and Training it offers. It comes as no surprise that more and more company employees have benefited considerably from EDDY’S highest training standards and English tuition through our carefully selected instructional materials to meet their exact needs.

At EDDY’S, we treat students or participants as individuals rather than as a group meaning that we give them individual attention so that their every need in the learning process is well attended to and their learning outcome is carefully monitored and thoroughly assessed until their final goal of being able to communicate in English, both orally and in written with others in the workplace fluently, accurately and appropriately is successfully achieved.

That goal wouldn’t have been made possible to be accomplished without the help, guidance and directions of good and well-experienced teachers whom not only do they know how to teach, but also have the right qualifications, skills and expertise to teach. We therefore give teachers our top priority and demand very high standards of those whose applications of pursuing teaching profession at EDDY’S are approved. We train and retrain all our teachers every two weeks through our strong and consistent Teacher Training Workshop and,

Discussions in order to familiarize them with current approaches to teaching methodology as well as to update and further improve their knowledge of English which we have been successfully running since 1987. These, ensure that all our teachers are highly-qualified, well trained and well-experienced as well as fluent speakers of English.

EDDY’S is a well-equipped school of English with Modern Language Laboratories, a well-stocked library, Video/VCD and Audio Visuals with the latest educational films being in constant use in day-today classroom teaching. Our instructional materials, too, are of the latest adopted by top Language Schools in the UK., U.S., and Australia published by leading publishers such as C.U.P. (Cambridge University Press), O.U.P. (Oxford University Press), Longman, Macmillan which are completely equipped with their original audio cassettes.

In the year 2001, EDDY’S was officially entrusted and appointed AGENT by   THE BRITISH COUNCIL for British studies to provide free counselling on STUDY AT U.K. Universities, Colleges and Private Language Schools as well as to deal with all requirements required by the school concerned regarding LOCATION, ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS, COST OF STUDY, LENGTH OF STUDY, etc. Then since 2011 the office centre of EDDYS Engllish moved to Kalimantan street No 77 Jember which is still within walking distance of Jember University.

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