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Course Introduction:

Welcome to basic Business English! English has become the widespread language of business. This course is designed to help you communicate your ideas effectively using English in business situation.

 Through this course, you will learn culture, vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and business communication skills that you can use to be express your throughts clearly and confidently to other English speakers.

 Purpose and Organization:

The purpose of this course is to help non-native English speakers communicate more efectively with native English speakers in a business environment.

 Each module is built around a business communication skill, such as giving and receiving feedback, making small talk, pitching ideas, or running a meeting. The full list of business communication skills is shown in the course outline.

Activities to help students improve specific language skills are included in order to support the specific business communication skills taught in each lesson. The most common activity components found throughout the lessons are:

 Listening (business scenarios that feature native English speakers using the communication skill the lesson focuses on:

  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Culture

 Strategies for improving all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are taught, but an emphasis is given to listening and speaking. As Western culture plays an important rolr in English communication, culture points are also given throughout to course.

 Course Activities:

Presentations: Each modeule in this course contains one or more multimedia presentations including audio, video, and lecture material. These presentations are focused around six major types of information:

  • Basic Business communication skills
  • Basic Business scenarios
  • Western business culture
  • Vocabulary and Idioms
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation


Each module will have a series of short quizzes based on the learned in the presentations.

Language Trainer: Throughtout the course students will practice speaking using a voice recording tool.

Test : Throughout the course each module will have a review and a test.

 Learning Objectives :

Upon completing this course, students will be able to :

  1. Recognize the style of communication most frequently used to present information in Basic English business situation
  2. Use the linear style of communication when expressing ideas in English.
  3. Talk about projects in Enlish.
  4. Discuss uncomfortable ideas and issues in English.
  5. Give evaluations and feedback in English.

 Course Outline :

This course is divided into 11 modules. Each module contains three or morre lessons.

Topic Description
Course overview Welcome & Class Introduction, course outline and syllabus


1 Culture Diversity and Understanding This is a big world !Different people, different culture, different ways of making businessLearn other cultures, and get the business done !
2 Telephoning Can your employees take a message?Can they save your time, and save your money?Learn to make a proper phone call, and let the company save more!
3 Presentation First impression wins all! Learn to present new ideas properly.Ways to convince future customers and clients.Learn to read their responses and win their hearts!
4 Meeting Boss calls! Problems need to be addressed.State your mind, show your ideas, and let others listen to you.Ways of conveying ideas, stating agreement and disagreement.

All that you need to be a reliable hand.

6 Negotiations Let’s negotiate! Learn to listen, learn to understand, learn to seal the deal.Compromising ideas, summarizing the concepts, and being a good negotiator.All negotiating skills that your boss would want you to have.
7 Corporate Responsibility Insider trading occurs when corporate “insiders” trade the company’s stock or securities. This English lessons looks at the ethics and laws around insider trading.
8 Internet Enterpreneurs At only 22 years old, Mark Zuckerberg said no to an offer to buy his company, Facebook, for $ 1 Billion. This English lesson plan looks at the fast and successful rise of young entrepreneurs.
10 Green Companies S. C. Johnson is family-owned and each generation of CEO continues the company’s dedication to the environment. Students discuss the importance of “being green”
11 Online Shopping More and more people do business and shop online. What do your students think about shopping on the Internet?Students discuss the business of online shopping and compare forms of payment.

 Quality :

EDDY’S ENGLISH COURSE mind in the field combined with conventional instructional design strategies in order to maximize student engagement and learning.

 Flexibility :

EDDY’S ENGLISH COURSE: courses can be easily integrated with an institu tion’s offering or can be completed independently through traing programs.

With the incredible tools and resources available to us today, we are able to bring high quality, affordable English language course to students from all walks of life, making English language learning something that is attainable to students throughout the region.


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