• 24 sessions with lots of songs, games, and quiz which kids find stimulating and fun
  • We’re highly experienced in teaching kids
  • Well – structured and taught courses
  • a 36 – hour long programme
  • Twice a week with 90 minutes duration

young learners

  • It’s learning programmer speciically designed for intermediate students ( Junior – Hight School students )
  • A 36 – hour long programme with twice a week sessions and 90 minutes duration
  • they are stimulating , challenging , and ideal for class discussions and debates
  • Guided and tought by Well – experienced and highly qualified teachers

young adult

  • Young adults require specifically designed materials to suit their needs to boost their confidence
  • Gaining self – confidence at this stage helps them have the courage to speak and improve their speaking ability
  • They instructional materials are very well – selected to lead them in discussions and debates
  • Their bank of vocabularies on a variety of topics will also be increased

corporate training

  • The training emphasise on ” workplace English and reports writing “
  • Negotiable schedule , venue and fees
  • 38 different companies have satisfactory on our highquality training standards’

conversation classes

  • It’s course specifically designed for young adults or adults learners
  • An eighteen hour long course
  • The most successful and innovative course from EDDY’S
  • The most sought after courses and popular among job seekers

exam preparation classes

  • Tought and guided by internationally experienced and highly qualified teachers